Welcome Students

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The Danwood Group have been working together with Coventry University to update your imaging and printing resources and to introduce new state of the art Hewlett Packard Multi-Function Print, Copy and Scan to E-mail devices.

Coventry University uses a ‘follow me’ printing service with the HP Multi Function Devices for student printing, copying, and scanning. Rather than hitting ‘print’ and having to select the correct printer, instead you hit ‘print’ and your document is sent to a centrally-held queue. You then log in with your usual username and password at any of the multi-function printers on campus to see a list of your unprinted jobs, to select or delete any of them as required. 

This new system has several benefits:

  • Greater control over your printing resulting in fewer unwanted print-offs
  • Flexibility - you can easily print on any of the new multi-function machines on the campus
  • More security - being present at the machine when you need to print means you can’t send sensitive information to the wrong printer - and no one else can walk off with your documents.
  • Saves you printing credits, and therefore money.
  • Saves resources such as paper and printer cartridges, and overall emissions, creating less of an impact on the environment.
  • The multi-function printers also scan your documents and send the scans to your email as a PDF attachment. Scanning is free of charge.
  • You can photocopy on the same machine using your printing credits.

Print jobs will be held in the queue for 4 days - if they have not been printed by then, they will automatically be deleted.

Your account will only be charged and the job deleted from the queue once it has been printed. There are four different queues to select from:

  • A4 mono double-sided (default) - 5p per side
  • A4 mono single-sided - 6p per side
  • A4 colour single-sided - 20p per side
  • A3 mono

The introduction of  FollowMe printing will demonstrate Coventry University's commitment to its  environmental policy by having a substantial  positive effect on  green  issues. With FollowMe, print is only produced after a user has identified themselves at a device  and selected their print job , rather than the previous method where a job was pushed to a printer where it may have been uncollected  or mixed up with other work and ended up in the recycling bin. 

The solution also enables the user to scan documents to other users across the University, rather than printing or copying which will save you money .

Printing credits are available via the printing administration console. If you do not have a debit or credit card, you can buy printing credits at the IT Service Desk in the library. 
You will be given an initial printing/photocopying allowance as part of your Webshop account. This will be as follows:

    • First and second year students - £7.50
    • Third year and above - £15.00